Friday, September 17, 2004

Received Optrex LCD Module - Works!

Received Optrex LCD module ( parallal Digikey 73 1026 ND).

Spend a long time insuring I had 14 pinout understood and how to interface with OOBoard which has a breadboard area ( I determined I hadn't fried the OOBoard afterall!).

WOW .. If any 'expert' is reading this please tell me an easy way to hook up to these 14 holes. I won't even tell what I did .. its SOOO ugly ... but it works.

Used the oLCD object .. it works but for some reason you have to hit it twice with PF5 .. the first time it just sits there. Once its working you can send it strings. Used it to get ranges on the US Ranger .. very cool!


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