Sunday, October 10, 2004

Arobot progress.... todo's ...

Got most everything ready except still don't have MMB working.

1. Reshafted drive wheel
2. Aligned encoder wheel ... figured out generic circuit diagram for IR detector (encoder) .. basically a voltage divider ..
3. Figured out wire codes to old Stamp board ( appears to be a very good board ... another day)
4. Steering servo: spent a LOT of time, too much, repairing linkage to servo
5. MMB: Figured out command sets and how to send serial commands (although I can't get it to work ... yet)

1. Get the damn MMB working ... that's all I need to get Arobot rolling! Have posted messages at several forums. Will attempt to use oSerialX object instead of oMotormind to see if that makes a difference.
2. Test Encoder by inserting RED Led into test circuit ... will attempt to use Tach feedback loop in MMB if ...
3. Write Code assuming have working ..
a. MMB
b. Wiskers
c. Encoder
d. Steering servo

Big Picture: Am attempting to replace Stamp brain on Arobot with Oopic board which has a geared DC motor. The Arobot platform has lots of room to test all the other sensors I've acquired but not yet tested.


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