Monday, October 11, 2004

Ratshack H-Bridge Hacked

Well not really, however, I did extract from the old car board, two SCR's and two Millionspot relays while watching the Cowboys lose. Then spent a few hours learning about SCR's and relay's. In the end I figured out how to combine these 4 components to make a single H-Bridge for the single motor on the car.

I could have purchased all for about $10 .. but I learned to desolder ... and I kind of had fun figuring out how these 4 were used to drive a single motor in the Ratshack car.

1) Compared to the MMB, this H-Bridge 'collection' is a real Kluge (but it works right?)
2) The drive motor must draw a hell of a current based upon the motor wire gage and the relays ( 7.2v battery )
3) The second SCR is a little bit of a puzzle. I've concluded its to operate the relay and that you can't drive a relay directly from TTL logic. But its so big.


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