Friday, October 07, 2005

A Year Hiatus .. and now the Basic Stamp

I hadn’t realized it but it has been a year since I last worked with my robots. Now that I’m back at it I switched from OOPic to Stamps. The only reason is the excellent documentation and forums at Parallyx. As a beginner ( … still! …) I just not ready for the OOPic although I think it has more features. At some point in the future I will go back to more advanced processors.

Actually I’ve been back at it for a few weeks. Most of this time has been getting organized although I have complete the Boe Bot and What’s a MicroProcessor Modules. I quickly discovered I wasn’t ready to go any further until mapped out some plans for adding modules to Boe Bot and other robots .. that rather than random breadboarding.

More importantly I’ve been datamining for code and how to’s so that once I actually begin with a module it will go easy (ier?).